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Together as a team, we have experience in the operation, modelling and optimization in the top 30 concentration plants in the world.

We know that each concentrator plant has specific mineralogical characteristics, therefore, a special and unique set of settings and operation process is required for each plant.

Typically, the only way to identify problems and then solve them, begins with an extended visit to the concentrator

Sampling and Balances

In Aminpro we understand the importance of metallurgical balances being correct and reliable, so we have developed a service of metallurgical sampling and plant monitoring to determine equipment performances, errors in data sheets, losses and inefficiencies, allowing regulating processes and costs, performing the metallurgical balance and delivering high-value data for operational and administrative areas.

At Aminpro we have an accurate and continuous knowledge of mineral processing plants operations, so which combined with our experience, sampling protocols and analysis, make us a key ally in the mining and metallurgical operations


Engineering is a mixture of science and art, and this we have internalized Aminpro . An optimal solution to a problem is not necessarily for another another, and the same applies to mineral processing: the design of each plant is unique, depending on numerous variables, unique to each operation.

We provide services for technical and economical design of grinding and flotation circuits, validated through metallurgical testing and phenomenological methods for maximum economic benefit from a reservoir. We develope a consistent solution to every particular need.


Mineral processing depends on many variables, both intrinsic and operational: mineralogy of the ore and gangue, grain size, reagents, plant equipment, type of water, etc. Dismissing any variable without a study can automatically bias our understanding of the operation, and thus generate inefficiencies in their operation.

At Aminpro we develope flotation and grinding programs in the laboratory, looking multivariable studies that allow us to simulate performance curves for different geological units of the reservoir.


We are specialists in Mineral Processing. Our staff has over 100 years of experience in geometallurgical operation and process control. Besides, we have a large database on the operation of various concentration plants worldwide.

With that backup, and many customers satisfied with our work, we provide on-site audit service and evaluation of historical data of your plant to determine where in the operating performance curve is it currently operating, and so to provide recommendations in order to increase your profits.

Since we understand the changes in the productive environment and operating conditions, we can help minimize bottlenecks, security risks and production stoppages, which can cause disturbances to the operating parameters of the plants of our customers.


Throughout the history of a concentrator plant there will occur and accumulate many changes both in the way of operating as including infrastructure and equipment of it, leading to the initial design to have little in common with the present operating plant. Moreover, science keeps moving forward every day, new technologies, new models, new reagents and new operational paradigms are appearing as we observe the state of the art.

That is why we need to ask ourselves every time if we are operating optimally. At Aminpro we offer optimization services of comminution and flotation circuit in order to identify bottlenecks and/or operational problems in order to improve both the operational conditions and the equipment configurations in order to maximize ore performace.


Although each plant is different, all compete in the same market, so it is always necessary to know how we’re doing compared to others. The same applies in the correct choice of reagents, frothers and other variables that influence the optimum economic recovery operation.

Aminpro has an extensive database of different mineral processing plants in 6 continents, allowing us to conduct comparative studies quickly.

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