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We focus on the development of new tests and mineral processing


MetSuite corresponds to a series of laboratory tests developed by the R & D team of Aminpro, oriented to low-cost, high-reliability geometallurgical characterization, in order to cover the great variability that occurs in the deposits.


The new MiniSGI test measures the SAG Grinding Index at a lower cost. This test must be calibrated based on standard SGI tests. A prediction of SAG mill feed can be obtained with 75% less than the cost of a conventional test. Thus, it is possible to cover more areas of the site to the geometalurgical study.


With the new MiniBond test you will be able to obtain a “standard” closed loop Bond Test with less than 3 Kg per sample. Once we have the calibration, we can do a quick comparative test with less than 600 gr !. Imagine the possibilities of measuring the work index.


The MiniKin is a flotation kinetic test of two concentrates at strategically chosen times.

The test requires a 10% (minimum of 10) of standard tests of that UGM for its calibration and delivery The Rmax and k of the minerals under consideration.

Additionally, we can shorten the procedures by extending the test to include the rougher stage plus a cleaner stage. With this complement we can:

  • Forecast recoveries and laws.
  • Generate recovery curves / concentrate law.
  • Geometallurgy fot the mining blocks.
  • Do a quick test to detect specific deficiencies in a plant.

Download relevant information about this test in the following link: MiniKin


Sedscan® automatically measures the solid-liquid and liquid-liquid separation behavior of suspensions or pulps and liquids of variable density.

  • Disregard the manual measurement, reducing the error of the test.
  • Sensors measure accurately, giving instant results and remotely.
  • Allows multiple sedimentation tests at the same time.
  • Improves the accuracy of laboratory test (especially in the case of the use of additives)


The MiniFlume test uses high precision instruments to measure the profile of thickened of high density tailings. To date, the MiniFlume test has been calibrated with more than 25 samples of tailings deposits from South America, North America and Europe.

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